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WELCOME TO VISION HOMES where a wide variety of beautiful and affordable home designs await you. We will help you choose the home that best fits your lifestyle!

Why Vision Homes?

Our homes are built by hand on your land or lot in most areas of East Texas. These homes are structurally sound and constructed on solid concrete slab foundations for less than the price of many modular or mobile homes. In addition, incredible energy efficiency options are available.

Best of all, your home will be built and managed by one of the leading builders in the USA with four generations of experience.

To speak with an expert regarding our home options, please call 844-You-Can-Own (1-844-968-2266) or click here to contact us.

*Brick is available to personalize your brand new Vision Home.

Conaway Homes Awarded the HomeBuyer's Choice Award in 2021

2021 HomeBuyer's Choice Award

The Eliant Homebuyers’ Choice Awards has been the arbiter of superior customer experience in the homebuilding industry. Powered by Eliant’s best-in-class technology, reliable data, and actionable insights, the awards consist of 13 categories, each reflective of the values, opinions, and experiences of more than 170,000 recent homebuyers from 185 major new homebuilders across the U.S.

The top honor at the Homebuyers’ Choice Awards—The Eliant—is presented to the two highest-rated home builders based on customers’ ratings of three key measures in the Eliant Home multi-stage survey series. Captured at move-in, mid-year, and year-end, the measures are:

  • Home quality satisfaction
  • Builder met commitments
  • Customer’s willingness to recommend

All other awards are given for homebuyers’ satisfaction with five key elements of the purchase and ownership experience.

Established in 1984 as the original homebuyer survey company, Eliant has evolved into a full-service experience management partner to the homebuilding industry. Powered by superior assessments and best-in-class technology, Eliant offers homebuilders, vendors, trades, lenders and consumers reliable answers to their most critical homebuilding and home buying questions. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, Eliant is the parent of the annual Homebuyers’ Choice Awards, arbiter of homebuyer satisfaction in the homebuilding industry.